Top Eight Ways To Be A Senior Year Rockstar

It's not all about grades!

Welcome to senior year! It’s time to really knock it out of the park before heading to college. Here are the top eight ways to do just that!

8. Go to class

This one seems really simple, but it is crucial! By merely being present in class, you will automatically absorb valuable information that may be on quizzes and tests.

7. Make it personal

Your teachers are people too! Talking with them before and after class about things related to class makes a huge difference. The more a teacher knows you, the harder it will be for them to give you a bad grade. Rather, you will find that they want to help you succeed and may bend the rules ever so slightly to help you do so.

6. Don’t drop those extracurricular activities

If you give one, two, or three years to a club, don’t quit now. Now that you are a senior, you have the experience to help other members to succeed, even if you don’t hold a leadership position.

5. Keep those tours coming

Don’t stop researching colleges. Even though you may think that you have your top choice, great options are still out there.

4. Earn some cash

You probably haven’t seen this one before, but it is so important. Whether its getting a job or just mowing some lawns, having some disposable income will make you happier as a person. Sure, money doesn’t equal happiness, but that beach day with your friends in May will!

3. Enjoy your town

Now is the time to fully experience what your town has to offer. Visit that museum that you never walked in to, eat at that restaurant you always wanted to try. When you leave for college, I guarantee that you will miss your hometown!

2. Talk to some old teachers

Remember that great teacher in elementary school? You know, the one that made fractions fun by using Spongebob? We all had a teacher like that and they will forever have a place in our hearts. Now that you only have a year left, go back to elementary school and introduce yourself to that teacher. Don’t be surprised if they remember you. You will have a nice, heartwarming conversation with plenty of  “I can’t believe you’re a senior!”s and “You’ve gotten so tall”s.

1. Develop good habits

Generally speaking, your senior habits will become your freshman habits. If you contract senioritis, you can bet on having a bad case of freshmanitis.

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