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SAT pointersHey fellow student!

A few months ago I wrote about my experiences with Exam Apathy Syndrome Yorba. Which if you recall, is a condition that students catch as they enter high school, but can easily be corrected with a few study habits and a dose of self -control?  This time, instead of simply giving you tips to better testing, I’m going to try to give you some pointers when taking standardized tests. I know. Scary stuff. I’m not a fan of them myself. But in all honesty, there are quite a few things you can do to help calm your nerves.

1) Start preparing AT LEAST two weeks before your test date. Procrastinating is fun, but is NOT a good idea when it comes to getting a solid SAT/ACT score.

2) Purchase or borrow some sort of test prep material that you can work on every day until the test. One source is subscribing to the SAT email list. They will send you an example question every day. This is a great and simple way to get used to the questions on the test!

3) Don’t throw parties. One of the dumbest things I ever did in my high school career was stay up until one o’clock in the morning on the day of the ACT. Sleep is extremely important when it comes to testing. Go to bed crazy early every night AT LEAST three days before your test date. Your brain will thank you for not making it work overtime like mine did that day!

4) Eat. I used to always think my English teacher was retarded when she told us to eat breakfast on the day of any test and we’d do better. Two years and a few failed tests later, I realize I was the retard. It has been scientifically proven that if you eat breakfast on the day of a test, it not only keeps your stomach from growling during your test, but also helps to get your brain going in the morning.

5) CHILL OUT BRO. It’s not a life or death thing. It’s a test. Yes, it’s important, but there’s really no need to stress. Again, it has been scientifically proven that stressed people DO NOT function NEARLY as well as relaxed people.

6) Come prepared. It blows my mind when the kid sitting next to me has to borrow a pencil. You came for the sole purpose of taking a scantron test and you forgot a pencil???!!! What is this madness???!!! So make sure you know what you need, you bring it all with you, AND you have extras. Oh and another thing, it might be a good idea to NOT bring your cell phone. I know they’re hard to live without, but the last time I took a standardized test a guy’s phone went off during the test. They aren’t kidding when they say your test will be taken and you will be sent home. If you absolutely NEED your phone, make sure it’s OFF, not just on “silent”.

Oh and one last thing… have fun! I know it sounds crazy, but if you make a game out of it, standardized tests aren’t that bad. If you go in with the mind-set that this is a logic test, you are Indiana Jones, and if you beat the test, a fantastic prize awaits you at the end! …No? Ok… maybe that’s just me… Fine, don’t have fun. Waste your Saturday. That’s cool with me. But you know what they say, “Attitude is everything.”

Have a wonderful week!


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