Lets be honest, school gets boring really fast.

Yeah, you get to see your friends daily, but no one really looks forward to the whole academic side of the situation, do they? None the less, sooner or later, you, yes you, will get Senioritis. Don’t panic! You won’t die, but sadly it’s highly contagious. So, what do you do to fight this terrible disease? I see two options,

1. You pull average grades all the way up until that acceptance letter arrives, then you coast the rest of the way to graduation, threatening all the hard work you put in, all the long hours studying junior year, hoping that your college isn’t “that college” that pays attention to grades.


B (rather 2!). Now pay attention to what I have to say, because I am highly qualified. I’m not a wizard, I don’t know everything, but I feel like I know enough about bluffing that I can throw out some believable advice. All you ready? Senior year is the most academically important year of your high school career. I’ve come across a good handful of kids who take the years before college lightly. They say, “Oh Erich! Relax! I’ll be fine. You watch college is just like high school, I got this!” But I tell you my friend, they are not! They are destined to work the rest of their life at EZ CHEZZE! Are you scared? Yeah? Oh…well I’m sorry. I get a little cared a way sometimes. In all seriousness, senior year really is a vital part of your academical development. Minimally, senior year sets the stage for both your mindset, as well as your work ethic, for freshman year and college, and as much as you may hate to admit it, we are going to college to learn. I know bummer. But we all have bright futures ahead of our selves, as long as we work hard and try our best. Remember, high school is a once in a life time experience, have fun, but keep a good head on your shoulders. Remember, that’s the head that’s going to college with you.

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