Top 10 Careers for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day!  For all the love birds out there, all of us at MyMajors have put together the Top 10 Careers for Valentine’s Day.

These careers are essential for a successful Valentine’s Day with that someone special!

  1. Florist – everyone knows that on Valentine’s Day you better make it special and one of the essentials is a dozen roses, tulips, peonies, or daisies.  Our suggestion is pick something that your significant other enjoys and loves, it might be easy to grab a dozen roses at the grocery store check out line, but take your time and pick their favorites.
  2. Bakery Chef – the right cake, cupcake or heart shaped sugar cookies are sure to be well received on Valentines Day!  We just got hungry thinking about these… cupcake gif
  3. Limo Driver – A worry free transportation through the town and to your favorite restaurant will make any date an enjoyable care free time.
  4. Jeweler – this is pretty self explanatory isn’t it….girls love diamonds and anything else that makes them feel appreciated, that’s all we have to say about that!
  5. Musician– Any type of music will make a dinner or night out romantic, whether it is a violinist or singer while strolling the streets, or listening to “your song”. violin
  6. Writer – now you usually don’t need to hire a writer to express your undying affection to someone, but sweet love notes or a post-it will mean a lot to your Valentine.
  7. Massage Therapy – spa days are great couples date, or just surprise your signaficant other with a gift certificate!
  8. Greeting Card Writer – when you can’t find the right things to say (see #6), and you need a little extra help!
  9. Park Keeper – that stroll through the park could have been your first date, where he proposed or your favorite place to go on a walk. Park Keepers landscape and keep that park your go to place. fever gif
  10. Delivery Driver – when you aren’t able to be there, and you want to surprise them at work, school, or at home, delivering flowers or a meal will for sure make them feel special.

Whatever your plans are for Valentine’s Day, just remember to make your significant other feel special about being with them.  You can never go wrong with a simple date night watching your favorite movie.  And for those out there that don’t have a significant other just yet, go out with friends and have your own celebration!  Or there is always Netflix!

Did we miss one, let us know in the comments box below?  Give us your top 10!

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