The College Applications Begin…
with Scholarships and Letters!

The College Applications Begin... with Scholarships and Letters!

Nikki right before her senior pictures!

Hey, everyone! If you’re wondering, the picture above was taken the day I took my senior pictures. Just thought I’d share. When my prints come out, you can see those, too!

For those of you applying to private colleges, you might want to get started on looking for scholarships and requesting from teachers/counselors for letters of recommendation. I’m going to give you some advice by letting you know what I’ll be doing during this time.

As far as scholarships go, I’m looking for some I find on,, etc. as well as any the school brings to notice. I’m applying to Santa Clara University and they have a page specifically on financial aid, grants, and scholarships/awards. Look at the private college you’re interested and search up any scholarships they give out based on merit or need. They should provide a list of options for you. I’ll probably apply to as many scholarships I can qualify for, but right now the schools I’m looking at have not posted any deadlines coming soon, so I do have time. More on that to come!

I already requested from my U.S. History (now my AP Gov/Politics) teachers for a letter of recommendation as junior year was coming to a close. I am going to go to my American Literature teacher this week and ask him if he would write me one, too. I don’t want to ask my college counselor because I feel my teachers know me a lot better and also know my academic achievements. I wouldn’t stress on the asking because most teachers are actually flattered you’d want their opinion! And here’s a tip: Literature teachers tend to write the best letters because…well…they’re good at writing. If the desired private of your choice states they want two letters of recommendation, pick teachers you showed real academic integrity, strength and involvement with. Don’t choose a teacher you know didn’t like you very much and/or you did not do as well in that class. But this also means don’t choose only teachers that are within the same subject. If you’re an intended Lit major like myself, it would be a good idea to get a recommendation from a Literature teacher. However, if you also aced Physics which is totally out of your realm, go ask for a letter from that teacher instead of say the teacher that was in charge of your school’s newspaper. It shows that you’re well rounded.

So far I’m pretty happy to be a Lynbrook High School Viking 🙂 We finally got our own field, and this Friday will be the first game EVER on our own field! I hope your senior year is turning out as great as mine.

We’ll keep in touch,

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