The Best Days Of Our Lives

Senior year is like a gift from above in terms of college preparation. There are countless times you can take and re-take your SAT/ACT tests and many study tactics right at your fingertips! I plan on re-taking my ACT in the fall and once more in the spring to increase my scores for better scholarships. Speaking of scholarships, there is one for everyone! Money is never an excuse to skip out on a higher education. There are literally millions of people BEGGING you to take their money and use it for college. I for one am taking all the free money I can get! With my membership in the National Society of High School Scholars, I have access to many scholarships I can fill out easily online. Community service is something I am spending much time on this summer! Community service looks great on your applications and it helps you learn a lot about yourself! There are so many amazing opportunities out there to better us all for college. I could spend forever talking about them; but alas, I have almost used up my 300 words so, I’ll leave you with this for now:

I’ve often heard that senior year is the greatest time of your life. Everything starts happening and a new chapter begins to unfold. As I sit here and ponder my past 3 years at Brewer High, I think of how unique and critical each year was for me in leading up to these final months. Everything I did and everything I was made to endure has prepared me for what I have in front of me now. It’s our time, Class of 2013! This is our final rodeo, our last lap. Let’s make it count!

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One thought on “The Best Days Of Our Lives

  1. Yup there is a lot of money out there for us seniors and I know I will definitely be retaking my act test as much as possible.

    Some of my family are Texan and I hear it’s a great place to live in. Good Luck this Year!!!

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