Senior Year Lineup: AP classes & ROTC

Blog finalist Lauren is excited about the challenges in front of her as she’s quickly approaching her senior year!

It’s that time of year, the scent of new notebooks, the first day greetings of my friends dressed in the latest fashions, and the weight of heavy books as they’re issued to the eager senior class of 2013. On the surface, it’s the start to a new school year, but underneath feelings of anxiety arise due to the many life changing decisions that are fast approaching. With the right support and a few key decisions, I know I can subside the anxiety and ensure success for a jam packed senior year.

This next year will be a challenge for me. I am enrolled for AP Calculus, AP Literature, AP Government and ROTC. I believe that a taxing course will not only give me an edge on applications, but that it will also keep my mind sharp and college ready. This year I plan to may my guidance counselor my best friend; I’ll be in the guidance office weekly asking for scholarship opportunities, recommendations, and degree based information.

Beyond the ‘home front college preparation process,’ there’s what I like to call “the college hunt.” This is the college visits part of the search. Before visiting colleges it is helpful to know the benefits your state offers. My home state, Kentucky, has a bunch of awesome programs like KEES which can add up to some serious cash, which along with the natural beauty and the closeness to home makes me lean towards staying in state. Within state schools I am looking for factors such as, degree programs that are offered, small student to faculty ratio, and an overall high-quality reputation. I also keep in mind that the best school for me caters to my needs. Advice from others is a good guide, but only I know what is best for myself.


Hey, my name is Lauren, I’m a fun loving, hard working high school student. I enjoy making a learning experience with every opportunity I can get; whether it’s hands on in a work environment, at school with my peers, or through a practical situation in life. My passion is fitness, it’s my escape form the world, my ever developing discipline, and a thank you to my body’s endless capabilities. Though exercising is one of my favorite pass times, my future is heading me more in the direction of Political Science and Law. I have taken a predilection to American History and Law, which has ultimately paved the way to my career path.

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