Naomi Fiebelkorn: Creative Outlook Visual Contest, Runner-Up

Naomi FiebelkornSenior Naomi Fiebelkorn attends Sammamish High School in Bellevue, Wash. The high school offers unique arts programming and advanced placement courses and Naomi has taken advantage of both. However, her art for the Creative Outlook contest has been of her own creation and on her own time.

“I mostly draw flowers with gel pens and colored pencils,” she says. “I use the same patterns and they are almost always colorful. I have not taken any drawing classes, but I have taken stained glass and graphic design.” She has also worked on stained glass projects outside of school and done some painting at home.

The flowers are her own invention and she often looks around her Bellevue community for inspiration. She also likes the Internet. “For about a week, I doodle while I am sitting in class. I really can focus more if I keep my hands busy. If I am drawing something more complicated, I will plan it out. Truthfully, I draw what I feel like.”

At Sammamish High School, Naomi takes AP psychology and English this year. Last year she took AP calculus and physics. She also takes a mix of classes including accounting and wood shop. “I just joined the art club and I have been part of the badminton club for my junior and senior years. We have intradistrict competitions.” She participates in community service through church events and her family plays instruments so Naomi has branched out into music too.

Naomi has not decided on a college yet. She is still looking at financial aid and scholarships. “I am thinking graphic design. Right now, I am enjoying my drawing. I find a great deal of satisfaction to draw and then complete a work.”


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2 thoughts on “Naomi Fiebelkorn: Creative Outlook Visual Contest, Runner-Up

  1. Wow, that is great work. Intricate and groovy. Kind of reminds me of the 60’s type Art Styles but with a Modern twist.

    John P. Hereria

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