Julia Schemmer – 2014 MyMajors Intern

Welcome our new class of 2014 Interns to MyMajors.

Julia is a Senior at Norco High School:

  • Name:
    Julia Schemmer
  • Activities/Work/Extracurricular/Sports:
    I am involved in several Advanced Placements and Honors courses, as well as twenty three clubs. I am the president of the International Club, The  FIDM Fashion Club, American Red Cross Youth Club, Link Crew, and the Young, Fit and Fly Girls. I am an Editorial Intern for The Prospect, a Journalism Intern for Fashionomics Live, and a Social Media Manager/Writer for Elaine C. Pouliot. On top of this, I have the opportunity of writing for the Huffington Post, CNN, The Smart Girls Group, Girlzone, and Her Culture Magazine. I am a book editor and reviewer for Readers’ Favorite, and the Director of Publicity for Amour Fraternel. I am an advisory board member for Teen Ink Magazine, Teen Vogue Magazine, Do Something, Miss Heard Magazine, and The Discus Awards. I am the California state representative for the National Teen Council, and the 1st Alternate for Girls’ State. I am blessed to be the founder and CEO (Chief Encouragement Officer) of the Face of Cancer. I am the Student President of the Sister Accord Leadership Enrichment Council. I am also an Ambassador for the Sure Fire Girls organization and the ‘That’s Not Cool’ program, an initiative launched to eradicating bullying. At a young age, my family instilled a love of giving back to the community through our passions. Since I was in intermediate school, I have volunteered at Crossroads Christian Church in a multitude of ministries including Offering/Communion, Worship Arts, Generate Junior High, Generate, and Pastors’ Wives. From 2011 to 2013, I have dedicated over ninety hours for the Norco Choral Association, using my love of musical theater to enrich the community and inspire imagination. I have also had the opportunity to volunteer at annual events such as the Coastal Cleanup and the Relay for Life. My mantra is, if it takes a village, build one!In 2012, after my mother and sister’s battles (and victories!) with cancer, I was inspired to form my first non-profit organization called ‘The Face of Cancer’, which seeks to give support to people affected by cancer. Seeing the terrible realities of the disease caused me to grow up quickly, but it also fostered the belief that I could change the world. As the organization grows, I am blessed to not only manage a team of creative individuals from throughout the United States, but I envision creating a ‘dream making’ program, where my team can help the dreams of terminally ill patients come true. Cancer intended to ruin my life and drain my ambition; but instead, it has been a pivotal motivation for helping the community around me.
  • Intended Major:
    Law, Middle Eastern/Islamic Studies, International Relations, International/Intercultural Communications
  • Dream Job:
    International human rights lawyer, foreign correspondent and diplomat in the Middle East
  • Favorite Holiday:
  • Favorite Food:
    Popcorn from Disneyland
  • If you could take one item on an island by yourself, what would it be?:
    My journal!
  • Super Power:
    To make animals clean my room like in Disney movies 🙂

A little more about Julia…

If my best friends were to describe me in one word, perhaps an accurate description would be “passionate” (though the terms “awkward” and “addicted to watching reruns of Friends” would be pretty close too). When it comes to choosing my intended major, it is an inescapable struggle to narrow down my options. I want to do more, learn more, and help more people. I’ll never forget when I first discovered my dream school, the American University of Paris.
After looking at their list of Undergraduate majors, I realized I wouldn’t mind majoring in every single one!

Maybe you’re like me, facing the difficulty of deciding on a college major. Have no fear, MyMajors.com is here to help! Upon my arrival at the website, I had the opportunity to take the “College Major Quiz”. This quiz took about twenty minutes of my time but helped me make the decisions that will follow me throughout the rest of my life. I was able to limit my list from 20+ prospective majors, to 5 top ones, including International Relations, Political Science, Pre-Law, Ethnic and Regional Studies, and History. I always knew I had a passion for international politics and human rights law, and this was confirmation of the majors I was meant to enter. While I still have a lot of time between now and college application time, thanks to the MyMajors.com College Major Quiz, I’m on the right track to achieving my dreams!

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