Jake Madeson – 2014 MyMajors Intern

Welcome our new class of 2014 Interns to MyMajors.

Jake is a Senior at Ridgefield High School:

  • Name:
    Jake Madeson
  • Activities/Work/Extracurricular/Sports:
    Class Vice President, Debate Team, President of Garden Club, DECA, Ridgefield Prevention Council, PBIS Committee. I work at a local restaurant.
  • Intended Major:
  • College Options:
    Saint Joseph’s University, University of Connecticut, Fordham University
  • Dream Job:
  • Favorite Holiday:
    Memorial Day
  • Favorite Food:
  • If you could take one item on an island by yourself, what would it be?:
    A knife for survival.
  • Super Power:

A little more about Jake…

Deadline! Deferred! Declined! You probably twitch every time you hear one of the “3 D’s” I know that I do. Every time that I hear someone with better grades or scores, I start to get nervous. In the college search process, nervousness is way too commonplace. You can’t let it get to you, though. This is an exciting time of life!

Everything is ahead of you and it’s your time. I know that for years, college seemed like a distant dream to me. Now, as I enter my Senior year of high school, I am in full swing of the college process.

My college visit memories are my tiny samples of campus life. Whenever I close my eyes, I see a reason to go to a certain school. Next minute, I’m preferring another one. This process is confusing, nerve wracking, but most importantly, exciting. There is a school for everyone. I know that I’ll find the school for me just as you will find your perfect school. What’s important is to not stress yourself out. I know from speaking with many people that you don’t end up picking your college or career. It picks you. For example, when I visited Saint Joseph’s University, it picked me. I fell in love with that school and ever since have wanted to attend. It probably will be where I go but there are a few factors (like tuition!) that may be obstacles. I know that I will get though it and end up at a school that is good for me, even if it isn’t my top choice.

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