I’m still not sure what to major in. What else can help me figure this out?

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Many high school guidance counselors and university advisement offices can arrange to take aptitude and assessment tests that give you knowledge about yourself and what kinds of directions you might take. Among these tests are:

  • Choices CT
  • Discovery Skills Online
  • Jackson Vocational Interest Survey
  • Myers/Briggs Type Inventory
  • Strong Interest Inventory
  • MyRoad from College Board

In addition, these offices also offer workshops that help you to assess your own goals and to assist you in finding a direction to move in. Perhaps, a visit to the university career planning and placement office will help you to shape your thinking. Still another option is enrollment in a first year experience course. These courses provide information on careers in various colleges and exposure to sources of information about topics such as how to succeed in college, picking a major, dealing with stress, and study skills development.


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