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Greetings, fellow earthlings of this fine planet that is earth!Ok, so that sounded better in my head. But I’m trying new things! Just saying “Hey! what’s up?” or “Helloooooo Readers!” is lame. Anyways, I’m back from a very long and very much needed break. But now I’m getting back into the swing of things for the Spring semester at Howard Payne University! STING ‘EM! But enough about me. Let’s talk about what really matters! YOU! I mean, let’s be real. Everybody secretly wants to read about themselves and not some random blogger they do not know or in some of your cases, know entirely too well. BAHA! Sorry bout cha. So, let’s talk about you shall we?

Everyone on this planet has things that they like to do. So naturally, choosing a college or even getting involved in high school is going to involve stuff that you like to do. And what do we call those? EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES!! *cue Magical Music of Epic Proportions* But what if I’m super boring and don’t have anything I like to do? Oh I’m so glad you asked, you wonderfully boring person, you! Whether you are in high school or college, you will be bombarded with opportunities to join various groups, committees, clubs, and what-nots. But since I’m in college, and college is awesome, we’ll focus more on that. Here goes!


1) Sports. When most people think extra-curricular, they think sports. Then they think one of two things: “OHMYGOSHSPORTS! YES.” or… “Oh my gosh… Sports? No.” And then there are the people who refuse to be like “most people,” and think: “Hmmm sports. To play or not to play? That is the question…” These people usually end up not playing sports and audition for the school play instead. But enough generalization. Sports can be an excellent way to stay healthy, meet new people, and have fun. Even if you’re not crazy enough about a sport to play on the actual school team, intramurals are always an exciting alternative. And are an absolutely superb way to meet people with which you actually have things in common!

2) The arts. The Theatre, the Theatre, what happened to the Theatre? The arts can include anything from actual art to band to choir to theatre to ballroom dancing. And yes, that’s a thing now. Most people tend to think that you have to be a creative, abnormally talented genius to be involved in these extracurriculars. While there are certain people who fit this description and spurt their ingenious brilliance onto web page articles that have titles that are utterly too long… this stereotype is not entirely accurate. All of these awesome activities are great ways to express originality and learn, as my mom would say, “lifelong skills you can use forever since you can’t play softball when you’re over fifty.” She’s quite the optimist. But seriously, in theatre for example, every performance that goes on must have a variety of people groups such as: techies, choreographers, set designers, set builders, stage managers, costumers, makeup artists, hair stylists, prop masters, big strong guys who can move heavy stuff, but don’t really have a label except for big strong guys who can move heavy stuff, director’s assistants and box office managers, all of whom work with the actors and are equally, if not sometimes more, important. Wow! Bet you didn’t know it took so many people with so many different interests just for one kind of art! And just from personal experience, ALL of these jobs are a lot of fun and can make your life much less boring!

3) Clubs. There are pretty much like a million different clubs a person can join in college. They have stuff from Archery clubs to Spanish clubs to Book clubs to Comic Book clubs to School Spirit clubs to Drama Team clubs to Environmentalist clubs to Babysitter clubs to Golf clubs (get it, get it? Golf clubs?!) to other various random and sporadically mass-produced clubs with humorous or non-humorous naming. All of which have the sole purpose of connecting you with people like you while doing something you all love.

4) Committees. While clubs are simply for fun in the sun, committees are more productive in their activities descriptions. Some examples might include: Student Government, Yearbook staff, Homecoming Committee, or even a community service projects committee. Committees can be a good way to achieve a sense of purpose or use your skill set to help accomplish certain goals that need to be met at your school.

5) Fraternities and Sororities. Some people find this extracurricular category to be absolutely retarded, useless and let’s be real, sketchy. And depending on the school and the Greek group you’re thinking of joining these negative adjectives can be spot on. That’s why when choosing your preferred Greek Life family, you should be careful as to know what you are getting into and mindful of the consequences, good or bad, that may follow this decision. I personally am getting ready to pledge for a Co-ed fraternity that is for Theatre kids since I’m very comfortable on stage and have a lot of fun doing theatrical things.

Well, that’s about all the time I have for today kids. Have a phantasmagorical day! And don’t forget to be on the lookout for extracurriculars you can get involved in!

Peace out homies!



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