How My College Visits Went

Has anyone else felt like they’re under a lot of pressure? I sure am. But hey, I do have some good things to share with you: I visited a couple colleges and I wanted to tell you guys how everything went!

I went to UC Santa Cruz with my dad and I have to say that the first thing that caught my attention was the fact that there isn’t exactly a main campus… We were driving around for about 15 minutes trying to figure out where we were going. Every student told us there wasn’t a thing as a main campus because everything was split up. So if you’re an English major like I am, you’d probably stay in one area and not traipse much else. At first I was a little hesitant to say anything positive about UCSC because it’s super duper outdoorsy! It wasn’t until I reached the field that I was truly impressed with the view (you can see the beach!) and the prospect of living in the forest didn’t seem too daunting. I’ll definitely apply, and I like the programs UCSC has, but hopefully I’ll be more warmed up to sleep like a camper. Haha, I’m just kidding. It’s really not bad, I think I’m just too accustomed to a modern and privileged lifestyle. Who knows, if I end up going there…maybe I’ll come back with “character.”

The second school I visited very briefly (since it was where my brother’s soccer practice was located) was Santa Clara University. I like how SCU is close to home and it’s nearly the polar opposite to UCSC’s atmosphere. Everybody seemed a lot more put-together than the folks from UCSC, and it has a more traditional college campus. What I didn’t like was how it’s sort of smack in city; I know a lot of colleges are placed that way but I liked how UCSC was a little bit away from the hustle and bustle. I’m still applying to both schools, especially because they offer my major (and SCU has a great law program for graduate!)

Oh boy, and last night was “Senior Guidance Night” at my high school. It was fun to hang out with my friends (and our parents got to hang out with us :P) and scurry around the place looking for the right classroom for the event we wanted to reach. I went to the recommendation, application, and scholarship tutorials. Not much was said that I did not already know, so no new tips 🙁 The only thing I can assert is you must get your college lists done now so you can start working on everything else. If your counselors have not given you a monthly checklist for the application process, request one!!! My counselors gave us our “Senior Folder of Fun” which contains a lot of material to help us along the way.

I know you guys can do it.

And I know I can because as Catwoman for Halloween, anything is possible 😉

It’s gonna be purrfect. Haha, ciao for now!


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