High School to College: Transition Tips

high school to college transition tipsHey sports fans! Welp, it finally happened. You have officially graduated. Thank goodness! Personally, towards the end there I had never been so ready for the rollin’ out of robes and tassels in my life! So after a long, action-packed senior year, I’ve decided to take the summer off… NOT! With Summer school (teaching not learning, can you believe it?!) until the end of June, camp counseling junior high kids the first week in July, then going as a student to camp, college mascot tryouts at the beginning of August and not to mention reffing soccer games every week, this girl has her summer pretty much booked already. But with my first semester of college already planned out, I’m super excited for what’s in store for me as I transition from normal private school kid to psychology-majorin’ college kid!

Ok, now here’s the part where I give you some three fantastic things to do to help you succeed during your freshman year… well, at least I hope they will be fantastic 🙂

REGISTER FOR CLASSES: Back in May, I had the awesome experience of participating in early registration and already have my classes! Even though I was there for the second registration day, some of the classes I had wanted to take were already full, so I would STRONGLY suggest if you haven’t registered for classes yet, YOU NEED TO ASAP!! This way you don’t have to have all 8am classes and you get that great feeling of hey wow! I really am in college! Oh! And it would also behoove you to pick classes that keep your major in mind. I mean, it’s not brain surgery, but you’re not exactly ordering dinner either. So even though that paintball class is super tempting, let’s think about those English and math classes you want to get out of the way.

GET A ROOMATE THAT WON’T KILL YOU IN YOUR SLEEP: What’s even better than having theatre as your first class of the day three days a week? Having a roommate who isn’t going to go “American Pyscho” after a week.  Typically school’s will have you send in a Rooming profile so they can match you with someone you will get along with. On mine it had a box at the bottom that said “Is there anything else you would really like in a roommate?” I said “I need someone who can iron, otherwise I will be walking around in burned clothes.” Wouldn’t you know my roommate can iron?! 🙂 We’re in the process of making plans on how we’re going to decorate because we both agreed that would probably be smart, and I quote: “We should go shopping together because we don’t want to buy a shower curtain that we both hate.” It’s so exciting when you finally find someone who’s going to be able to stand living with you for a year and as a bonus can quote one of your favorite books! “We are kindred spirits!” 🙂

GET PLUGGED IN: If you’re going to be living in a place where you don’t know anybody except maybe your roommate like me, it’s probably a good idea to have ways to meet people. Going to class is great and all but your profs aren’t going to be too happy when you lean over to talk to the guy in front of you trying to find out what his favorite kind of ice cream is. Getting plugged in to different clubs, sororities, fraternities, intramural, sports, or ministries is an awesome way to not only meet people and make friends, but also to get to know your school and even get to know yourself.

I hope y’all have a lovely summer and an incredible freshman year (or sophomore year, or junior year, or senior year, or whatever-other-year-you-are-in-year)! And I hope God blesses you in more ways than you can count as He has me 🙂

Peace and Blessin’s!


Hey my name is Rachel and I’m a chocoholic… oops! Wrong blog! :) I am about to be a sophomore at Howard Payne University majoring in Psychology so that I can become a student counselor some fine day. Basically, I’m a good old fashioned (but not fashionable) Southern (but not too Southern), Baptist (except I can dance), country-fried (not literally. it‘s just a Southern expression… ok maybe I am a bit more Southern than I thought) kid (even though I am 18). Hope you enjoy my blog and have a lovely day!!

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