“Hi, I’m a Senior”. It just sounds cool.

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Hey, I’m Rachel. But a lot of people call me Hershey… Long story… Anyways, I’m a senior who, like most of you, is trying to decide what to do from here. What happens after I graduate? Where should I go? What should I look for in a school? How should I choose a major? How am I going to pay for all of this??! Further down the road, I’ll give you my answers to these questions. Obviously, not everybody will be the same as me, but hopefully I can give you an idea of how to tackle these big questions WITHOUT pulling all your hair out. I know what you’re thinking. So where are YOU in this whole college process? Well, like I said, I’m a Senior. So far I’ve realized my schedule is crazy, being on the homecoming committee is actually work, and I really like this whole off-campus lunch thing. Mostly what I’ve enjoyed so far is being able to say “Hi, I’m a Senior”. It just sounds cool. Well, I guess I’d better sign off, got a lot to do tonight. Can’t wait to ask for the Senior discount at IHOP! God Bless! ~Rachel


Hey my name is Rachel and I’m a chocoholic… oops! Wrong blog! :) I am about to be a sophomore at Howard Payne University majoring in Psychology so that I can become a student counselor some fine day. Basically, I’m a good old fashioned (but not fashionable) Southern (but not too Southern), Baptist (except I can dance), country-fried (not literally. it‘s just a Southern expression… ok maybe I am a bit more Southern than I thought) kid (even though I am 18). Hope you enjoy my blog and have a lovely day!!

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2 thoughts on ““Hi, I’m a Senior”. It just sounds cool.

    1. Yep! My latest blog tells you alllll about my mascoting 🙂 I’m a cougar and YES! it is 30 degress hotter in the suit than it would be outside. So 105 degree football games are super fun..

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