Future College Student Self-Questionnaire

Follow this questionnaire to help you find the right college for you:

Academic Environment:

1. Do you prefer:
 Bigger class sizes?
 Smaller class sizes?
 Balanced class sizes?
How many students are there in an ideal class?

2. Do you prioritize:
 Lots of collaborative work?
 Individual study/research opportunities?
 Study abroad options?

3. Do you prioritize:
 Many resources?
 Large library?
 Group study spaces outside of the dorm?
 Quiet dorm space for studying?

4. What clubs or activities do you currently participate in that you would like to continue?

5. What activities do you think you’d be interested in that maybe you aren’t a part of now?

6. How do you learn? Here is a good quiz to take if you are unsure:

7. What is your favorite subject in school?

8. Would you like to attend:
 Research university?
 Liberal arts college?
 Religiously-affiliated school?
 Private school?
 Public or state university?
 Other?

Living Environment:

9. Do you prefer:
 A big city?
 A small suburban town?
 A rural setting?
10. Do you prefer:
 A LARGE student population (20,000+ students)?
 A medium-large sized school (10,000-20,000 students)?
 A medium sized population (6,000-10,000 students)?
 A medium-small school (3,000-6,000 students)?
 A small school (fewer than 3,000 students)?

11. Do you prefer:
 A hot climate (hot most of the year)?
 A moderate climate (equal warm and cold periods)?
 A cold climate (cold most of the year)?

12. Where do you go after school and what do you do?

13. What’s your favorite type of food?

14. When you go out, where are your favorite places to go?

15. What type of dorm would you like to live in:
 Single
 Double
 Triple
 Suite
 Off-Campus Housing or Apartment


16. How much financial aid do you need?

17. How far away are you willing to go for college (driving distance, flying distance, etc)?

18. What do your GPA and your grades look like?

19. Are you applying for any special merit scholarships or specialty programs?

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