Erin Dougherty – 2014 MyMajors Intern

Welcome our new class of 2014 Interns to MyMajors.

Erin is a Senior at Mountain Ridge Erin

  • Name:
    Erin Dougherty
  • High School:
    Mountain Ridge
  • Activities/Work/Extracurricular/Sports:
    I intend to try new things every day and am always learning something new! I work for Massage Envy as a sales associate and meet all different walks of life. I spend my free time by volunteering and helping out my community through MYAC (mayors youth advisory commission)
  • Intended Major:
  • College Options:
    University of California , Santa Barbara, NYU Abu Dhabi, Colorado State University, Boulder
  • Dream Job:
    Working for the CDC traveling the world and studying diseases.
  • Favorite Holiday:
    Christmas because I love winter!
  • Favorite Food:
    Chocolate… Although I try to limit my intake it can always win me over.
  • If you could take one item on an island by yourself, what would it be?:
    My dog! She’s a friend that never leaves my side through thick and thin.
  • Super Power:
    mind reading (that should keep things interesting)

A little more about Erin…

As I am in my search for a college, I have started the journey of the standardized testing. Not only have I taken the test and discussed endless possibilities, but I have begun dreaming about my scores.

Dreaming! Really!? Yes, I have had countless nightmares about getting a low score. Embarrassing, I know, but I suppose it was bound to happen considering the ACT is clouding my mind. Luckily, I received my scores back and it cleared my worries. My score wasn’t
as high as I had hoped however it was better than I expected. All that’s left to do now is to put in more work and retake the test until I get the score I want!

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