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 [Source: U.S. Census Bureau]

Looking to get a degree in Education?  You might have a few questions about salary, how many workers are in the field, and what degrees are available?  The U.S. Census has some great information and an infographic about Education degrees!

Some highlights for students thinking about getting their degree in Education:

  1. 3.2 million workers hold an Education degree (aged 25-64 and working full-time) with average earnings of $2.03 million over a 40-year work-life.
    • 1.7 million with Bachelor’s degree – $1.798 million average earnings in work-life
    • 1.3 million with Master’s degree – $2.26 million average earnings in work-life
    • 110,000 with Professional degree – $2.461 million average earnings in work-life
    • 80,000 with Doctorate degree – $2.802 million average earnings in work-life
  2. Lawyers with an Education professional degree are the highest earners over their work-life at $4.1 million.
  3. Preschool & Kindergarten teachers, and Administrative Assistants with a Bachelor’s in Education are the lowest in the study at $1.4 million.
    (only select careers listed in study)

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