Do You Have any Suggestions for Scheduling My First Semester or First Year Classes?

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Most university catalogs are quite detailed on first semester scheduling, if you know what you wish to major in. Here are some hints in case you do not know what your major is.

  1. Start taking required, lower division courses as soon as you can.
  2. Begin to take your mathematics and English courses early.
  3. Take courses that are prerequisites for other courses early, so you can move on to the advanced courses as soon as you can.
  4. Look for courses that meet multiple requirements. For instance, some universities may require a distribution of courses from multiple disciplines in order to give you a rounded education. See if there are other requirements that you can meet by choosing the ???right” course(s).
  5. See what courses are typically offered in summer school. Consider taking these courses in the summer and taking courses not offered then during the academic year.
  6. Similarly, find out if there are courses that are offered only in the fall or spring and take them when they are offered, rather than “discovering” that you are stalled because you missed the opportunity to take them when they were offered.


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