What Do You Do If You Don’t Know What to Major In?

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So what do you do if you don’t know what to major in, or what to do with your life?

Everybody always tells me things like, “You don’t have to make any decisions now” and “You’re still young!” Well yes, I know that, but I WANT to figure it out ASAP! It drives me crazy not knowing! And for me, I’m going to be entering college with my all generals done. I’ll need to get started on my major pretty fast! Like I’ve said, I’m pretty set on majoring in environmental science, with a minor in journalism. After that, I’m currently looking into the Veterinary Public Health program, or Science & Natural History Filmmaking. What are my career goals? I’m not exactly sure. I’d like to do a variety of things; work with animals, work to save the environment, own my own business, make some documentaries or television shows, own a farm when I retire.. who knows? The point is, I have no straightforward career path in mind. I’ve heard that the average person will make a career change five to seven times throughout their life. When I first heard this, I didn’t believe it one bit. Now that I’m closer to having to actually choose a major, it’s completely believable. My advice to those who still have no idea what to do? Try doing some of the things that I did to figure it out! And yes, I’m going to make another list.. can you tell I’m a fan of them?

1. Take The MyMajors College Quiz. From my experience, the quiz has predicted my interests and possible majors very well. Look into the majors it suggests for you, and research them further. Even if you think the quiz made a complete mistake, research anyways. You really never know what you might find, and it could end up being your future major!

2. Work & Volunteer! This is a valuable method to gain direct experience working in an area you might be interested in. You can observe the different jobs in that area, make connections, and discover information. Plus, it’s always good for resume-building. Try to get a simple job in a place you might like to actually work in the future. Like I said before, I got a job at the Science Museum of Minnesota as a Program Assistant. It’s a simple, minimum-wage job, but I love the environment that it’s in. I work with kids ages six to twelve in a classroom/camp setting, and get to observe what goes on behind the scenes of a museum and what it might be like as a teacher, camp director, scientist, etcetera.

3. Job Shadow. So maybe you don’t want to make a volunteer commitment, there aren’t volunteer opportunities at a particular place, or there’s just one career you really want to look into. Ask to job shadow! Look into places near your city and simply contact them to ask if you could come in sometime. Maybe your family or someone you know has connections somewhere, ask them for possible opportunities that are available!

4. Try New Things. You probably have many undiscovered interests. I know that I knocked a lot of things down before I ever really got involved with them. For example, my anticipated major… environmental science! Before taking AP Environmental Science, I had no interest in the subject whatsoever. I didn’t have knowledge of the field, and no direct experience with it. I’ve always been a big nature person, but for some reason I just never saw myself as a tree hugger. After taking the course, I found my niche! Take new courses, look into free opportunities in your community, attend club meetings at your school, whatever it is that might incorporate a possible interest, even if you think you might hate it.

5. Talk to People. Talking it out is extremely helpful. Talk to your friends, your teachers, your family, your counselor, your hairstylist, everybody!!! Each person has their own connections, life experience, and advice for you. If you tell someone your hobbies, interests, experiences, and possible career goals they will probably have something for you to look into that you’ve never thought or heard of.

Well that’s my advice for this month! You may have heard these ideas over and over again, but seriously, try these things out, and do them more than once. You can always take something out of an experience; positive or not, you can use that to narrow down your interests and possible career choices. Good luck!!!!

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