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What’s up people! It’s about time I let you guys in on this long month I’ve had.

Lets start off with my job. I worked from August 13 to October 20, and let me tell you having a job with all AP courses in a magnet school is no walk in the park. Every night was a late night for me, my days consisted of working and studying no play. I think I got a heavy dose of what college is probably going to be like.

I also got my first acceptance letter people!! I got accepted into Tuskegee University school of Architecture. You know the school that birthed the Tuskegee airmen and George Washington Carver. I’ve always wanted to go to a school with a lot of great history, and it’s pretty close to home. This was not my first choice however, I still have to apply to the University of Alabama, Full Sail University, and VCU.

Now on to the Mymajors quiz! I wasn’t surprised by the results, I have thought about majoring in each of the fields:
Film, Cinema and Video
Media arts
Management/bus. admin

See half of the results consists of more artistic fields the other half more business like. I can go either way with this. I’ve always had conflicting ideas about whether I should major in something less stable but enjoyable, or more stable and possibly less enjoyable. I just want a job that I would love to go to everyday and still live comfortable at the same time. I want the best of both worlds.

I’ve taken art classes for as long as I remember so visual art is definitely a huge part in my life, but I don’t want to major in studio art only to become a teacher or struggling artist. I don’t want to go through what my family went through, a major goal in my life is to live comfortable sooner than later in my life.

I really want to get involved with the entertainment industry over in Hollywood. I know they could use my creative mind for something man, either in special effects or animation, maybe even directing. I’ve always been intrigued with film, I’m always looking for a work of art when I go to the movies.

My major will probably be decided spontaneously, it might even be changed a few times. I just know that it will involve my talent which is drawing in some form or another. I’m just a really creative individual who wants to make a lot of money, not just for myself but to help other people. I want to maybe open a business that employs artistic people like myself who want a steady living, artistic license, and a fun environment.

I recommend this Mymajors quiz to all people who need a sense of direction in their college search. This just reassured me that I should weigh all of my options out equally. So peace out everybody!! Remember to always do you, not what everyone else thinks you should do because you only live once.

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