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AP art portfolioFortunately, I can use my talent, art to get me into college. Honestly, the only reason I’m not majoring in art is because it’s a risky major. I’m not looking to be a teacher or a struggling artist, so you might say what’s in it for the artist. Well, the good thing about college is that I can change my major. Now, architecture on the other hand, is most definitely more of a financially stable career choice. I think architecture is for all those artist who cared a good bit about money.

Two websites I use for information on colleges are and these tell you all about colleges financially, socially, and geographically. Now a days, all the colleges I was requesting information from are sending me stuff. I wanted to apply early August to college, but I want to take my SAT over in October. I also need to see my teachers again so I can get my recommendations. I plan on asking my art teacher (duh) my counselor and my basketball coach for recommendations. These are all people that I have made a GOOD impression with. It’s imperative to not go to the teacher who caught you cheating on a test for a recommendation.

I’m applying to 6 schools in October. Two back up schools, two reach, and two dream schools. I no longer have to worry about the $45 needed to apply because I have a job now man. The fee we have to pay baffles me though. It doesn’t make sense we already have to pay thousands of dollars out of the behind for four years of “higher learning”. That’s why it’s important to have a job around this time so there are no excuses.

…By the way our mascot is the yellow jacket
Booker T. Washington Magnet yellow jackets, and no I do not mean literal yellow jackets. I mean the flying bug similar to a wasp, cousin to a bumble bee. It’s not the coolest mascot but it could be worse, a lot worse.

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I am a small town semi-country boy eager to burst out of the small town life to a more cultural outgoing city life. I feel like college is the best way for me to spread my wings while furthering my education. My main hobby or hustle is art, (painting, drawing, and poetry) to be more specific. I’m just your unusual right brained guy with a lot to say.

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