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Samantha Krinick, Second Place Cover Contest Winner

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“The 1950s,” by 17-year-old Samantha Krinick, was named our second place 2020 Creative Outlook Cover Contest winner.

Krinick is a senior at Half Hollow Hills High School West in Dix Hills, New York.

Her favorite medium to work with is black and white film photography. So, she was “honored and excited” to have her work in film recognized.

Krinick has always been drawn to art related activities, even as early as age 1, when her mom found her beading a bracelet.
Today, she points to the limitless nature of art that keeps her attention.

“There really are no boundaries when creating artwork,” she said. “And after being in school for a long day or doing a lot of homework, I love being able to just explore and enjoy art.”


In what ways has art impacted your life?

Art has made me a more creative and innovative thinker and person, and I believe that these qualities are very important for all areas of life. Art has also provided me a creative outlet to de-stress and also to express myself. Additionally, art has brought me closer to friends and family. Everyone always says that gifts that come from the heart are always the most meaningful. Well, I very much agree with this statement, because when I give a friend or family member a piece of art that I put a lot of time and effort into, nothing compares to their overwhelming excitement when they see what I have made for them.

What was your inspiration for ‘The 1950s’?

My inspiration for my piece of art that won the contest was the 1950s. I was shooting a roll of film with my friend, and we were trying to recreate Hollywood portrait type pictures. In her house, we found an apron and a cup and I just couldn’t resist taking a picture with them.

How would you describe your piece of art if it were in a museum and you were giving the museum tour to a group of patrons?

If my artwork were in a museum, I would describe it as a piece of art that explores portraits and women’s roles over time. The idea of my roll of film was to analyze ways portraits were taken in olden style Hollywood. This specific shot explored the role of women as waitresses in the 1950s. In this time, women were typically tending to men and wearing dresses, which is very different from what women can accomplish and wear today. I think the idea of this piece is important because as a woman hoping to go into business, I should appreciate more where my rights came from and be more thankful for the changing roles over time. This piece also reminds me to keep pushing forward into new territory and to not be limited by the roles set for me.

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