2016 Art Teacher of the Year Nominee: Derek Schneider

I am the principal of a small 3A school in Kansas called Sterling High School. I have been at Sterling for 9 years. I hired an art teacher in my second year at Sterling. His name is Derek Schneider. Words are inadequate to express my deep respect for Derek as an art teacher and a great young man. He consistently brings out the most latent talent in students and has helped students win several art awards. Not only does he teach art, he is my head boy’s basketball coach. I can’t think of anyone better to have students around. He is passionate about his own faith, he loves students and does more than just teach and coach. He demonstrates in his life a model for others to pursue in his integrity. He consistently desires to see his students grow into quality adults and uses his art program as a platform for helping students experience success.

Derek Schneider hands down is one of the best “teachers” I have ever been around. I can say with great fervor that I have grown from my professional and personal relationship with him. He embodies everything I picture in my mind as someone who has the “it” in teaching.

–Dr. Bill Anderson, Principal at Sterling High School in Kansas

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