#CreativeCover Favorite: Underlook

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Submitted By: Joe Hagen
Art Name: Underlook
Artist: C. Anela DeLaveaga
School: University of California Berkeley

What I like about it:
My favorite artist is Rene Magritte, a belgian surrealist known for abstract “simple/complexity” in his beautiful compositions … Magritte was a master of taking a moment, scene, or object and pulling multiple meanings out of it.

I have MANY favorites for the Creative Outlook Magazine Cover Contest, but I feel that “Underlook” by C. Anela DeLaveaga plays this “simple/complexity” game in true Magritte fashion. Putting a truly imaginative and playful spin on a simple landscape scene, this University of California Berkeley student takes what is right in front of our face and gives us the gift of imagining what is UNDERNEATH.

I LOVE the way that it feels light, fun, textured; I love the choice of an elephant (embodying size, utility, playfulness and strength); I truly love the mythological approach of the concept … A wonderful work of conceptual art by a fantastic artist that would look GREAT as a cover! Give this one a vote now!

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