Creative Outlook Cover Contest – July 2017 Update

The Creative Outlook Cover Contest is ending soon! Since the contest opened on April 1, 2017, we’ve had more than 33,212 pageviews, 19,888 votes cast, and 229 entries! Here are the Top 10 most popular entries right now:

  1.  Ephemeral Excavation, Hayley Haddad – 2834 votes
  2.  MadMade, Gabrielle Chedid – 1664 votes
  3. Foam, Kathy Zhang – 1517 votes
  4. Breakfast, Kathy Zhang – 1391 votes
  5.  Frida Kahlo, Alyssa Nixon – 1249 votes
  6. The Beach, Kailyn Bates – 1018 votes
  7.  Maria, Kathy Zhang – 964 votes
  8. Chameleon Dreamin, Grace Loehrke – 961 votes
  9. Besame Mucho, Jessica Beall – 825 votes
  10. Self-Portrait, Deeva Evangelista – 719 votes

The contest is almost over, but there’s still time left to visit the contest page to cast a vote for your favorite pieces or to submit your own art for a chance to win $250 and a feature in the next issue of Creative Outlook magazine. The deadline for submissions is August 1!

Stay tuned to the blog and follow us on Facebook or Twitter for more contest updates.

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