2020 Creative Outlook Cover Contest, July Update

July is already here, and the 2020 Creative Outlook Cover Contest is still going strong! We’ve extended the deadline this year to September 1st, so if you haven’t had a chance to submit your work yet, there’s still plenty of time. Winners will receive a $250 art scholarship and a feature in the next issue of Creative Outlook magazine. First pace will be selected by our art panel and appear on the cover. Visit the contest page to submit your work NOW, and don’t forget to vote on your favorites while you’re there!

Check out a selection of our most recent entries below:

“Amor Fati,” by Kat Fike (Vote on this piece now!)

“Beyond the Stars,” Andrea Canchola (Vote on this piece now!)

“Athena,” Valerie Wong (Vote on this piece now!)

“Rhythm and Movement,” Isabelle Davis (Vote on this piece now!)

“Of Snake and Men,” John Girkin (Vote on this piece now!)

“Our Lady,” Amuri Morris (Vote on this piece now!)

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