2016 Art Teacher of the Year Nominee: Melissa Raymer


Ms. Raymer is truly an inspiration. Despite being new at J.C. Booth Middle School, her extensive experience from teaching at Bennett’s Mill and easy-going nature makes her a favorite among the students.

To me, the curriculum (Georgia’s art) is pretty dull, yet Ms. Raymer made it more exciting. While still following requirements, she assigns fun, challenging projects that deal with the many media of art, from clay face jugs to photography to wooden shacks. The workload she expects us to complete is of the perfect amount and with diverse criteria.

One important aspect of art is using one’s creativity and transforming it into a perceivable, tangible product. Ms. Raymer addresses this aspect by assigning free sketches to be completed by the end of the semester. She also teaches us the important skill of meeting constraints, which is attained through listening to project instructions. We students also get to work together in a fun, laid-back environment; this has certainly shed a new light on the meaning of art. Finally, Ms. Raymer teaches art technique through sketchbook assignments and always explains each one with great clarity.

In conclusion, on top of being a friend for the students, someone to relate and talk to, Ms. Raymer is a fantastic teacher who has surpassed every expectation. She actively encourages creativity, assigns diverse and thorough coursework, has a superb handle on the material being taught, and, most of all, loves what she does.

–Jennifer Deng, J.C. Booth Middle School

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