How Counselors Will Help You in High School

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Happy summer vacation to some of you lucky students out there! Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we? So, ever since we were in elementary school, we have had a counselor. He or she called us in and talked about our favorite color or food. We also had a counselor in middle school, but this time you had one specifically for your grade and they talked about your academics and some of your dreams you had for the future. Once you hit high school, they have so many different counselors and one is specifically for your last name. At your school, like mine, they might even have a College and Career Counselor. You might not see your counselors around the school that much like you see teachers, but that’s because they are in their offices helping students like you and me!

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A counselor’s main job is to make the journey through high school as easy as possible from freshman year, all the way to Graduation. Counselors at school do a lot for us students. They help us choose our courses to take, they can be our safety net when we need someone to talk to, and they even guide us through different scholarships, colleges, majors, and future careers. Counselors also have a ton of resources for us that are FREE! We don’t have to pay anything for their supplies! They give it to us because they know it will help us make better decisions about our future. It can be a little nerve racking going and meeting your school counselor for the first time, but that’s okay! Once you meet him or her, they flood you with respect, kindness, and care for you in their heart. You can go to them about anything and they will keep it confidential; that is their promise!

Many colleges and different organizations send brochures, pamphlets, magazines, etc. in bulk (mass amount) to schools and specifically counselors all over the world to get information out to high school students! These colleges and organizations team up with your counselors because they want to help you too! Another thing that counselors do to help is they can give you SAT and ACT test waivers so that you can take the test for free. The SAT and ACT are really expensive tests, so it’s awesome that your counselors can help you pay nothing for taking it! Do you ever see colleges in your cafeteria? Counselors set up different colleges to come out to your high school and talk about their school with you! Being able to talk with a college representative is super important in your college search because they can give you vital information that isn’t typed in a brochure.

Well, it seems to be pretty obvious that your counselors do a lot for you! Don’t ever be scared to talk to them. Have a great summer and happy college and career hunting! (:

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