Top 6 Tips for Taking the ACT

Top 6 tips for taking the ACT and getting through it without breaking a sweat:

  1. Give yourself plenty of time to study.

    Now personally, I am no braniac but I thought studying for only a week was a grand idea. I spent hours upon hours (for that week at least) cramming my face into ACT review books… now that didn’t feel too well and neither did the pain when I first looked at my test scores. But, what I have realized is that if you break the test down and study bit by bit you will get there in a more soothing process. For example, study for just one hour every day for a few months, next thing you know the test is easy peasy… If peasy is even a word? But, hey it just flows right out of my mouth just like the answers that will flow right out of your brain and help you achieve top notch ACT test scores.

  2. The ACT is called a “standardized” test for a reason. It’s predictable!

    There will always be a certain amount of trigonometry questions in math just as there will always be certain reading subcategories. If you understand what they are asking and know the concept of each piece, it becomes no big deal! Familiarity is key. Do not let anything on that test jump out at you. It’s not there to be a monster under your bed or that chip on your shoulder, it’s for you to prove to yourself and colleges that you are intelligent and belong at their university. All I’m saying is do some yoga and de-stress. If you know what’s on the test and how to do it, all you have to do during is apply yourself!

  3. A healthy body makes for a healthy mind

    The morning of the test don’t try to cram in more knowledge, do a couple of practice problems, drink some water and eat a nutritious breakfast. Wait for after the test to slam a large coke and a box of donuts.

  4. When taking the ACT, time is your biggest enemy

    Race the clock, do what you can, bubble in what you can’t and all will be well. During the test would be a great time to freeze the clock, phone a friend and do a little dance. But hey, you have an allotted time slot so do what you can and save the Flamenco for later.

  5. The thing that helped me most is guessing.

    When you’re running out of time, bubble in an answer that could be correct. There is no penalty for guessing so guess your little heart out. I mean you have a 25% chance of getting it right so go for it. Try narrowing it down to at least 3 answers but ultimately just do what you can. Or in like in my case, just use eenie meenie miny moe if you are stumped.
  6. The most important lesson I learned is that crying doesn’t help.

    No matter how frustrated you get while preparing for or while taking the ACT, pick your head up because there’s always a chance to redeem yourself. Take the test again and give yourself more time because the first time you’re introduced to something, it’s never easy to understand. You are able to take it up to 14 times, so one of those tries you are bound to do well. There are plenty of review classes out there, so get out and test the waters because you are going to do fantastic.

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