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The Career Resource Department can be an extremely valuable tool for students to utilize while they are going to school. Most Career Resource Departments will offer students information on what sort of careers go with particular majors, what major is right for you, information on internships, clubs, job fairs and much more.  Students entering school don’t realize the impact of getting involved with clubs and organizations and how this can positively affect their career opportunities upon graduation. Freshmen often think that they have 4 years (at least), so much of that work can be done during their senior year. I highly recommend to students that you know where your Career Resources Department is the minute you start college classes, and really take the time to understand what it can offer you. My motto for students is ‘Get Involved’.

Resume building, interviews, internships: these are all words that college students should know and understand in depth. Students who make the most out of all of their opportunities tend to have an easier time finding a job once they graduate, and are more likely to experience job satisfaction. The reason for this is that they have much more experience to add to their resume, have done research in their desired career fields, and have completed internships that have given them the knowledge of what their future job will really be like. Career resources can and should be fun! Take the opportunity to really envision doing what you love, learn how you can get there, and acquire the tools needed to get you there successfully. Everyone entering the career world needs a resume but not everyone knows how to build one. Why not take the time to find out? Good luck!

Andrea Cook

I am an Academic Advisor at Ottawa University and work specifically with online adult students. I absolutely love the benefits of working in higher education and would recommend this career choice to anyone. Watching my hard working adult students achieve their academic goals and walk across that stage at graduation is a very gratifying profession. I am also a pretty big book nerd and love reading anything I can get my hands on (though I am a bit embarrassed to say that some of my favorite books are within the Twilight and Harry Potter series).

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