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Well, I’m back from Florida and I have to admit, absolutely NOTHING went the way I had planned! But even though everything seemed to go wrong, the cheer squad and I had fun anyway. But instead of me telling you, I decided to let Cody the Cougar tell you

Cody Goes to Orlando

Rachel: Hello readers! I have been given the rare privilege to interview Canyon Creek Christian Academy’s mascot, Cody the Cougar. So Cody, I hear you had the opportunity to go to Florida in the capital one bowl!

Cody: Yes, yes I did.

Rachel: Would you care to share with our readers what all you did in Florida and what that experience was like? Start from the beginning!

Cody: It started like any other day. I got up, brushed my fur, and put on my jersey. But instead of going to the Cougar gym to work on my abs, I went to the airport. A few of my cheerleaders and myself flew to Orlando, but we stopped in Cincinnati for their famous chili. Once we got there my good friend Mickey Mouse had sent a bus to take us to Disney’s All Star Resort Hotel where we would be staying. Then it was off to the parks!

Rachel: Which one did you go to first?

Cody: Well, the cheerleaders wanted to go to Magic Kingdom first to go to see Cinderella’s Castle. But I thought that was boring so I went to The Pirates of the Caribbean Attraction instead.

Rachel: Ooh was that as scary as the reviews say?

Cody: Nah, nothing can scare a Cougar!

Rachel: What did you do the next day?

Cody: First, we went to the UCA Orientation breakfast, where I met the other mascots I would be working with.

Rachel: Were there any other Cougars there?

Cody: Yes, I got to hang out with Clawse and Champ. We bonded over our mutual hatred for dentists.

Rachel: Where did you ring in the New Year?

Cody: We went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios to ride Tower of Terror. And they aren’t lying when they say terror!

Rachel: I thought you said nothing could scare a Cougar?

Cody: Uhh… that’s right! I meant it scared the cheerleader sitting next to me. She was holding on so tight, I thought she was going to break my paw!

Rachel: Did you get to go to Animal Kingdom and see all the cougars there?

Cody: Actually, we had routine rehearsals the next day, so when we got to the park it was pretty late. But I’m not sure if a Florida cougar could handle a Texas cougar up close!

Rachel: What was the craziest thing that happened to you on the trip?

Cody: Actually, the craziest thing that happened was on the way home. While we were in Hollywood Studios, I bought a 2012 snow globe and I just happened to throw it into my carry-on. When we got to the airport, I checked in my suitcase and headed to security just like on the way there. When I finally got to the front of the line and they scanned my backpack, they told me they needed to scan it again. I said that was cool, go right ahead. Then a police officer pulled me aside and said I need to search your bag. And sure enough, she pulled out my snow globe. You can’t take this on the plane.

Rachel: Oh no!

Cody: Oh yes. So she sent me back down to luggage check in to see if I could get my suitcase back so I could just stuff it in there instead. But they said I had to go to baggage lost and found to take my suitcase out of circulation. Finally they found my bag and sent me back to security, and I had to do everything all over again. But hey, I got a really cool snow globe!

Rachel: That is crazy! I’m sure the performance was much better. What was your favorite part about performing at the Capital One Bowl?

Cody: I loved running through the tunnel and onto the field, seeing 80,000 people cheering for me. I mean… for all the mascots… oh, and the cheerleaders of course.

Rachel: If you had the chance, would you do it all over again?

Cody: Absolutely! This Cougar plans on doing this every year for years to come!

Rachel: Thank you so much for coming in to talk to our readers, Cody! Is there anything else you’d like to say before you go?

Cody: Yes, actually I do… IF THE FUR AIN’T FLYIN’, YOU AIN’T TRYIN’! MASCOTS!!!


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