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I see you've taken up an interest with studying the dork species? Well, here you'll find the best dork to study. Her name is Ashley. She's fresh meat at Syracuse University. Here, you can see the college experiences of the dork. Maybe a better understanding of such a species can help fight world hunger, battle cancer, or even better: be cool.
  • East Coast College Touring Day 1 8/11/2011

    So… the day started out bright and early! Woke up around 8 [really that’s 5 am at home T-T]. Got ready. Then headed down to Boston...

  • Go on campus visits!

    So, some advice about college searching: Go on campus visits. No joke, they help a lot. I actually spent two weeks earlier in August for East...

  • Ashley

    So today I was sitting in the car, and as my mom gets off the freeway, I see one of those homeless men on the street corner holding a sign that...

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