Anatomy of a College Application (Infographic)

Organizing and starting your College Application can be a scary process.  Where do you start, what to avoid, how do you stand out, what are admissions officers looking for, will I get accepted?

One reminder from Friends, never lie on your resume or application because it can cause more problems down the road:

The infographic below (via CollegeChoice) shows the key dos and don’ts for your College Application, and the basics to send your application to your top Colleges list:
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  1. Andreza

    I’ve started raneerchisg colleges and i have visited 3 colleges and have a list made up of the colleges that are my top choices. I do not know what i want to major in. i plan on joining the NY Air National Guard and going to basic training and tech school then ncoming back and going to college in the fall of 2015 so doing that will only delay my entry into college by a year and they pay full tuituion.

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