Alumni Profiles: Norma Lopez, Academy of Art University

Getting recognition for your hard work is always a nice thing. But getting recognition for your hard work with an Emmy award is beyond better.

For Communications alumna Norma Lopez (B.A. 2019), having this under her belt so early on in her career is a testament to how hard work and dedication pays off. Even more impressive is the fact that this isn’t even the first Emmy for her – it’s her second.

This win is for “No Hay Nada Más SF,” a 30-second Spanish promotional spot about the SF Giants that she, along with the rest of the Vanishing Pictures production team, created.

Raised in Mexico and Texas, Lopez grew up learning both Spanish and English on a daily basis. Her bilingual upbringing and passion for broadcasting and production allowed her to become a bilingual broadcaster.

Before working for Vanishing Picture Productions, she worked as an assistant producer at XM Radio in the Bay Area and KVMV 96.9 in Texas. It wasn’t until she collaborated with the San Francisco Giants Baseball Organization that she received her first Northern California Emmy Award.

Her latest endeavor, “No Hay Nada Más SF,” showcases the diverse Latino/Latina culture present in the Bay Area and how the community supports the local baseball team. Along with her team, she won her second Emmy Award for the project.

Lopez is especially grateful for her time at the Academy and her school mentors – Richard Hart, Jan Yanehiro and Steve Kotton. As a student from the School of Communications & Media Technologies, she learned how to tell engaging stories through various multimedia platforms from industry professionals. It is here where she hosted her own radio show and gained experience in broadcast production.

“My mentor Jan Yanehiro always told me to be confident in myself, to be proud of my heritage and to learn from constructive criticism because that’s the only way I would advance in my career,” Lopez commented after being asked how the Academy played a role in her career.

She further encouraged fellow aspiring broadcasters to learn as much as they can from industry experts to succeed in a communications career.

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