MyMajors works with Colleges and Universities to create a Brand Engagement strategy along with a high quality unique lead generation program. Our experience over 40 years in higher education and one of a kind content delivery channel allows you to find the best students for your freshmen and transfer classes and engage with them in meaningful ways.

Comprehensive College and Career Planning
A Student Outcome Focused Approach

Student Influence

MyMajors Influences a student's college decision process in many ways by offering a wide array of tools for students and their counselors.

Most notably, the MyMajors Quiz. MyMajors surveys a students academic aptitude and interests to computes a college and career plan that will best suit that individual. Each student is recommended a range of College Majors, Colleges and Careers that fit their particular aptitude, interests and preferences. Students are also matched to a college based on the colleges’ predictive modeling profile.

College Impact

The impact of a program like MyMajors is significant in that students that enter college with a plan are more likely to succeed.

  • New freshman with declared major have higher graduation and retention rates compared to undeclared freshmen.

  • 30% of Freshmen don’t return for their sophomore year.

  • Lack of advising or guidance, choosing the wrong area of study and being academically unprepared are among the top reasons students drop out of college.

Prequalified Matches

With an increased focus on college completion, rising tuition prices and student debt, it is vitally important that students start on the right path.

We use your predictive modeling or student search profile to determine best fit. Attracting the right students from the start is critical to retention and graduation rates.

  • 84% of students request information from colleges and universities after discovering their future major and career on MyMajors.

Brand Engagement

Our integrated approach to marketing your school combines the latest in web based tools with traditional media. Our education consultants will create a reach and frequency program that leaves an impression with students, counselors and parents and enhances your lead generation efforts.

Custom email campaigns carry your brand, original content and social media programs engage students interest.

Retention Support

We know the effort doesn’t stop at recruitment so MyMajors offers a school branded version of the Major recommendation tool for your advisement staff to use in counseling undeclared first and second year students.

Helping students with their choice of major once they’ve started is proven effective in improving retention.

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