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There comes a point in your high school career where you will have to start to think about the ACT test. At that moment, I am sure some of you will start to fall to anxiety, and others pressure. Now, that may not be how all of you feel, but based on experience most likely you will feel these things at some point during the ACT testing process. In today’s society, there is a lot of pressure put on the ACT; this may cause your stress levels to increase. When describing the ACT some would say it’s some test, others it is the determining factor for what college they go to. Both are right in there own way. It’s a very important test for college decisions, but colleges also know that it’s based on one day of testing. Colleges take into consideration these circumstances; so don’t psych yourself out too much. Here are some helpful tips that may help you to prepare and take the ACT.

Top 5 Things To Help Yourself Out for the ACT Test:


    The WORST thing that you can do is stress over it. This will NOT help you when it comes to studying for the ACT; all it will do is discourage you. If you keep stressing out, your brain is just going to keep telling yourself that you will fail. Inevitably you will NOT do as well. The BEST thing to do is to have confidence. This will help you when it comes to testing time.

    Don't Stress about ACT

  2. STUDY!

    This test IS important and you SHOULD study. Although, studying for the ACT is a little more difficult because it’s such a unique test. There are ways to help you study, such as studying with groups of people, taking practice tests, and using an ACT practice book.


    This will help you so much! Not only does an ACT practice book have good practice sections, but it also gives you good tips for the test and what to expect in each section!


    Sleeping is extremely important, and you need to get AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep the night BEFORE taking the test. You are NOT superman; you need sleep to perform at your best, which is what you want to do on testing day!

    Sleep for ACT


    Don’t just lock yourself in your room all summer, claiming you only have time to study for the ACT. Going out with friends every once and awhile is good for you, it will give your mind a chance to relax and bring happiness into your life. Also creating study groups is a good way to hang out with your friends while still studying!


The ACT is important, but it is not worth stressing too much over. You are still in high school, so act like it! Have fun, enjoy the summer with your friends, and take ten minutes a day to study! DON’T FORGET the 5 helpful tips!!


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