Kenny Acevedo – 2014 MyMajors Intern

Welcome our new class of 2014 Interns to MyMajors.

Kenny is a Senior at West Orange High School:


  • Name:
    Kenny Acevedo
  • Activities/Work/Extracurricular/Sports:
    Work at Papa John’s, Dual Enrollment Student, casually play basketball,
  • Intended Major:
    Advertising, Anthropology, Communications, Graphic Design
  • College Options:
    Evangel University, FSU, Northwestern (dream college), UCF
  • Dream Job:
    Being creative and/or helping people from around the world to cities in America.
  • Favorite Holiday:
    New Years or Christmas. Either one gives me the opportunity to see my family and relatives.
  • Favorite Food:
    Arroz con Corned Beef y Tostones (Rice with Corned Beef and Fried Plantains).
  • If you could take one item on an island by yourself, what would it be?:
    I’m going to assume this island is Puerto Rico. My one item would be a Piña Colada.
  • Super Power:
    Telekinesis, which means I could move things with my mind—including myself! So I’ll be able to fly as well.
  • Favorite TV Shows:
    Avatar: The Last Airbender, Brooklyn Nine Nine, Late Night with Seth Meyers, The Office, Regular Show, Parks and Recreation, Portlandia, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, SNL (All of these shows, excluding Avatar and Regular Show, include writers and actors that were on SNL previously. It sort of just worked out like that.)
  • Favorite Music:
    Andy Grammer, Atlas Genius, Coldplay, Foster the People, Hillsong UNITED, Mat Kearney, Matthew West, Phoenix, Steven Curtis Chapman, Two Door Cinema Club, Walk the Moon, Young the Giant
  • Favorite Books:
    The Bible, Harry Potter series, The Invention of Hugo Cabret, Jurassic Park, The Reason for God by Tim Keller

A little more about Kenny…

When I’m not studying for school, I’m usually outside playing basketball working on my jump shot (it’s still inaccurate). I enjoy watching the college football and the NBA. I happily watched the football team I grew up watching, Florida State University, FINALLY win the National Championship. I also think that we will see a Spurs/Heat rematch in the Finals. I work the register at Papa John’s, which is great because I get to meet new people like Josh, for example. Josh works for Magic Kingdom, and they recently had their 24 hour day. He worked from 2:00AM to 6:15AM dancing with many of the visitors. That’s just insane! I get to have great conversations with people who I never would have an opportunity to speak with if I didn’t have that job.

“Whatever you do, don’t get satisfied with yourself.”

This past week, I requested more info from Northwestern University to learn more about them. Since they’re in Evanston, IL, they are incredibly close (within 12 miles) to Chicago, the Windy City. Growing up in Central Florida, you are a bit accustomed to suburbs (and in some places a lot of farms), so the thought of going to big city is almost too much to comprehend for me. I have this growing need in my head for a sense of adventure and spontaneity that contradicts my current personality of routine and mundane-ness. Going out-of-state for college seems like the only good, true opportunity to really see a different side of the country and even myself (forgive me for sounding so dramatic and grandiose, haha).

I read an article about a student at Northwestern, who majored in Communications, Marketing, and Anthropology (all of which are what I want to major in.. small world), who made a LEGO version of herself and sent out multiple packages as resumes to where she was applying. I also read that both Stephen Colbert (Host of ‘The Colbert Report’ on Comedy Central) and Seth Meyers (‘SNL’, ‘Late Night with Seth Meyers’) attended Northwestern as well, which are both two people that I look up to for their wit and humor. All three of these people leave me to think that Northwestern University is helping students develop into incredibly clever and gifted people—people that I hope can be as smart and intellectually dashing as.

Thinking about this, I wonder if I’m asking too much from a college or not giving as much credit to the students as I should for their success. Regardless, if I’m planning on taking on such an adventure, I need to be better equipped. By “better equipped” I mean better test scores.

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