Update: I’m now a MyMajors Intern!

Hello world! Last time we spoke I was merely a lowly student blogger but now I am a slightly less lowly student blogger INTERN! Exciting right?! Anyways, in addition to acquiring my new title, I have been up to the usual antics this summer such as teaching summer school, reffing pre-k soccer games, counseling junior high campers, joining a drama team, coming dangerously close to getting a concussion while practicing a dance routine, and of course, shopping for dorm stuff! You did what??!! Oh I’m sorry, perhaps you’re right. Allow me to elaborate…

At the beginning of the summer I had just finished my first outdoor soccer season as a certified referee. Therefore I was told I was done until September unless I got my indoor soccer certification. My parents decided that was necessary and that I also needed to get another job since I usually only have about 3 or 4 games a week. So I somehow ended up getting roped into teaching summer school the entire month of June since my father is the Academic Advisor at my high school. I think they assumed I had his knack for teaching. HA. But I took the job at my father’s coaxing. I did need the money after all. So after 3 ½ weeks straight of talking about Shakespeare, literature worldview, anecdotes, synecdoche, a various array of novels I had definitely forgotten all about, and the usual painfully large dose of poetry, I was very much ready to start indoor soccer training. All I can say is, I’d much rather try to stifle my snickering when a four year old declares I must refer to him as Captain Hook during a game than explain why Nathaniel Hawthorne used so much darn symbolism in his novels. Oh and junior kids should never been given energy drinks. Nor should you ever decide to share a suite with them if they are morning people. Lesson learned. In the area of the drama team, three of the coolest kids ever and myself had the privilege of performing 7 sketches throughout the week at a camp of over 500 kids. The concussion incident happened while I was practicing for one of these sketches. One of the cool kids, Aaron, had choreographed the song “Monster” by Skillet where I was a puppet and he was my puppeteer. Towards the beginning, I fall to the floor on my hands and knees. My first practice in costume, and I discovered sliding around in tights on a slick wood floor was not my best idea. But I’m ok now, the bruise is gone. Thanks for asking. J And of course, dorm stuff. I am proud to announce that my roommate and myself have mapped out our entire room, bought every cleaning supply known to man, figured out how to maximize the space in our closets, are quite prepared for class with our Avengers pencils, and found the greatest Dr. Suess Tupperware ever (with matching plates of course). Yep, we will be THOSE kids on campus.

So what’s my status as I have three weeks until I start the rest of my life? I have the greatest schedule (Theatre is my first class 3 days a week!!) at the greatest college (Howard Payne University, Sting ‘Em!) with the greatest roommate (as I already mentioned) using the greatest GPS to get there (his name is Simon and he sounds like a chipmunk :D) and the greatest God to guide us along the way. What more could I ask for? I wish you all the best whether you’re headed off to college, high school, or even Starbucks. Can’t wait to tell you all about college life!

Until next month, Rachel
Rachel August photo Update: Im now a MyMajors Intern!




 Update: Im now a MyMajors Intern!


Hey my name is Rachel and I’m a chocoholic… oops! Wrong blog! :) I am about to be a sophomore at Howard Payne University majoring in Psychology so that I can become a student counselor some fine day. Basically, I’m a good old fashioned (but not fashionable) Southern (but not too Southern), Baptist (except I can dance), country-fried (not literally. it‘s just a Southern expression… ok maybe I am a bit more Southern than I thought) kid (even though I am 18). Hope you enjoy my blog and have a lovely day!!

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