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MyMajors Internship

Main Image MyMajors InternshipOne thing that MyMajors has learned in our 10 years is that students are MUCH cooler than us. This is why we created the MyMajors blog, mixing articles written BY students FOR students sprinkled with expert advice from professionals across the country.

This is your unique chance to not only share YOUR story by becoming a MyMajors Student Intern, but to earn extra money for college, score a resume-building internship, get a letter of recommendation, numerous PUBLISHED articles for your portfolio and be a voice for your generation!

What’s in it for you?
- Interview for a “Get to know me” story
- Online for 500,000 monthly viewers
- Inclusion in the monthly newsletter sent to 50,000 students
- Opportunity to be published in MyMajors,
Creative Outlook, Art Guide, Transfer Guide &
Counselors Guide Magazines
- Receive a $100.00 scholarship
- Receive a letter of recommendation

Student Intern Program:
The following criteria must be met to receive the title of intern, a $100.00 scholarship, a letter of recommendation and (best of all) a MyMajors T-shirt at the end of the year.
- Must be a student
- Create 10 entries within 12 months
- 5 entries must include photos
- 6 entries must be about the featured topic
- Write about “Featured Topic” for the month 6 times throughout year
- Be at least 300 words (if it is a written entry)
- Entries can be a video, song, painting, cartoon, etc.
- Entry must be received by the 28th of the month and be for the following month
- Student must be smart, resourceful and well … extraordinary.

Sound good?
Submit your application here: Enter Now

ENTRY DEADLINE: November 15, 2013

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