Clubs, Classes, and Work, Oh my!

Blog finalist, Mariza talks about the busy lifestyle of a senior student, but fun at the same time! See what she has in store for this year!

Mariza Profile Photo 300x225 Clubs, Classes, and Work, Oh my!Clubs, Classes, and Work, Oh my! My senior year is going to be like traveling though the Land of Oz, exciting with hints of urgency all over. I plan on reviving TATU and starting a new club, while juggling working as an after school program substitute, maintaining the same volunteer hours I have always had, and applying for scholarships and colleges.

Yah, I am going to keep myself as busy as I’ve always been because that looks good on resumes and it will help me prepare for a busy college life. Uh…wow it seems scary when it’s typed, but it’s going to be awesome.

I’ve already started applying for scholarships and for colleges this summer to take some stress off of the year. Staying involved in my school and community is the most important thing to me and anything I can do to avoid stressing myself out so much that I can’t do that is very important too.

I can’t wait for the year to start. It’s going to be busy, but if my counselor and I make a list and cross things off I will survive.


Mariza Fernandez
Currently Attending Parma Sr. High School
Anticipated College Major: General
Hometown: Wilder
State: Idaho
About Mariza: In a world where most people believe that there is a structured way to become what you plan on being for the rest of your life, I choose to be…UNDECIDED.  I am a girl who is all over the place. Band Geek, Future Hispanic Leaders of America State Secretary, Reading Group teacher, volunteer, and a whole lot more.  I live for discovering new ways to help others and express myself. I plan on finding my own way of becoming who and what I want to be and hopefully inspiring many to do the same.

1 Clubs, Classes, and Work, Oh my!

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