Hello, my name is Grace and my life is absolute insanity

Hello, Grace.

Yes, I would think that relatively summarized the nature of the last few weeks of my life. I never know what day it is so I naturally assume it’s Sunmontueswedthurfrisaturday. Obviously. Each day blends into the next in this kind of glorious wave-like ocean, only occasionally smashing against rocks and being ravaged by people are all ages and sizes, but I think that is a relatively normal college experience. In terms of my life, I have classes four days a week from 9:30AM -4:50PM with no breaks, than rehearsals from 6PM-10PM. Some days, like Tuesdays, I only have class until 12:15PM. Glory, glory hallelujah! Time to EAT. I swear I am going to lose about 67lbs before this semester is over, I just feel like I never have a chance to eat something. Okay, that is not true but I am running around a lot so hopefully that will contribute to weight loss, because that is always good most of the time. That did not make sense. OR DID IT?

No, it didn’t.

I hope you are all doing well and working hard for a purpose-driven future! Life right now is school, school, school, rehearsals, sleep, school, school, rehearsals, etc. But I am loving every moment of it, because I enjoy the work and frankly, when I am not busy, I spend the entirety of my time obsessing over random German movies I discover on Netflix. God bless Netflix and all the wondrous bounty they have to offer the weary collegiate. Oh, dear me. Well, not it’s time for a wonderful edition of GRACE’S CURRENT CINEMA OBSESSION:

I recommend everyone watch The Fall (2006). I may or may not have definitely watched this film about seven times in the past three days. It is utterly beautiful and poignant and darn it is the cinematography to die for. If you are into that kind of thing. Which I am.

And you should be.

Moving on to the SAT, the ACT, and a million other tests with three letters like QTM. I made that one up. That means “Quest to Mordor” … oh dear, my dork is showing. Let me cover that up, one moment please. Alright, good. Awesome.

In terms of the ACT and the SAT, I urge you to follow your own individual needs. If you are the kind of person who needs to devote more than just studying to something to feel truly comfortable, I urge you to take the classes. I personally did not, but that was because I felt comfortable on my own, and I was always a good test taker. Now, if I was the kind of person who had test anxiety, who felt more comfortable after hours of preparation regardless of how much of it I knew already, I would prepare. You know the kind of person you are and how you react to tests.

However, if your school provides free classes, TAKE THEM. America, the land of the free and the home of the prepared and financially satisfied SAT/ACT taker. In that case, all the above advice does not apply. Check out the classes, do the best you can to soak up as much information you can. Fortune favors the prepared, and those who take heed to my words. Beware mortals.

Now, shall we entertain you with a wee list in regards to my own personal experience? Absolutely, of course we will you silly little people.

(Don’t judge me for these I am not that weird. Okay, I am…)

Eating is good for the soul. It just makes the world look a little brighter, and the nutrients you need are an essential part of the test-taking process. Slow-burning carbs so you can remain full and proteins for your brain’s efficiency, like oatmeal and turkey bacon are a good start. Make sure you drink water, and have it available to you, and maintain a good attitude. Do it. Now.

That is very creepy in capital letters, but the intention remains: sleep. Make sure you get efficient sleep and that you go to bed doing something you enjoy, like watching a good film that you enjoy or reading a book you enjoy. DO NOT PRESSURE YOURSELF. Crashing-coursing the test by studying more the night before will not help. You will increase anxiety and you will not retain the information anyway.

No, Coco Chanel did not say that, but yes, it sounds like something she would say. Actually, she may have said that. Whatever, Coco. Wear something comfortable but still makes you feel confident. Whether it is a favorite pair of jeans, a new shirt, an iron war shield ripe from the flame, whatever. Just wear something that makes you feel like a person, not a studying zombie. Which is ironic, because they eat brains. So take a shower, guys. Really, please. Take… a shower.

I’m just a poor boy, nobody loves me! HE’S JUST A POOR BOY FROM A POOR FAMILY! Sorry… Wow. Queen moment, there. But it was not exactly a digression. I recommend, my little future collegiate, music. My life before my tests was entirely accompanied by Beethoven and Bach. The Symphony No. 7 allegretto was my pre-test music, and after the test was over, I celebrated with some of Bach’s partitas. It was a glorious day. I also listened to The Killers because they pumped me up to the point where I swore I could fight off a dragon with my face. Listen to music that pumps you up, inspires you, stimulates you, brings you joy, all that jazz.

Here are some composers that get me going:
• Dario Marianelli
• Ludovico Einaudi
• James Newton Howard
• Howard Shore
• John Powell

And bands and artists that give me that extra push I need:
• Mumford & Sons
• The Killers
• Glen Hansard
• Coldplay
• Imogen Heap


Have fun, and try to relax okay? Your score does not determine who you are or what you can do. It is important, yes. But it is not the most important. That honor belongs to you. You, that person sitting in the chair, or wherever you are, are what matters most. So, take care of yourself and be aware that you are beautiful, talented, valuable and creative regardless of what happens. I wish you the best of luck!



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