Hayley Haddad, 2017 Cover Contest Finalist

Hayley Haddad, 2017 Cover Contest Finalist

Our 2nd place 2017 Creative Outlook Cover Contest winner is 27-year-old Hayley Haddad from Millington, TN.

Her work, “Ephemeral Excavation,” is an intricate, visual montage of the past and present.

Haddad is a recent graduate from Memphis College of Art, where she earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a concentration in Drawing and a minor in Art History.

Drawing is not a new passion for Haddad. She can remember watching her stepfather draw and trying to mimic what he was doing when she was only three years old.

“That’s where it all began,” she said. “And for years I would eagerly and daily practice, continuously striving for my own self improvement. I never stopped drawing.”

In middle and high school, Haddad took art classes and participated in art programs. Eventually, she followed her passion to art school.

She’s drawn to art because of the range of ideas and perspectives that is it able to physically manifest and portray. Haddad also points to the highly involved process of construction, elimination and reconstruction that allows for an almost meditative exploration of the materials (within her drawings) and the creative process.

“Art has served as an effective coping mechanism in my younger years, as I was diagnosed with ADHD,” Haddad added. “In my later years, it has given me the most amazing direction in life, from art school to eventually (after obtaining my MAT) becoming an art instructor and cultivating the minds of other creatives in their endeavors. I can’t help but feel that my life would lack substance without art.”

Haddad’s most recent work primarily includes mixed media collage work combined with drawing, ink wash and image transfer techniques.

With a BFA under her belt, Haddad is applying to Christian Brothers University to work on a MAT in Art Education.


What was your inspiration for “Ephemeral Excavation”?

Fueled by my interest in history, “Ephemeral Excavation” implies a montage of the past and present. The drawing depicts an imaginary or even dreamlike cityscape that portrays a dynamic continuance of time. The compulsive layering and building of the imagery within the scene is what I find most satisfying about the work.

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