Self Portrait by Deeva Evangelista

Deeva Evangelista, 2017 Cover Contest Finalist

Deeva Evangelista, 2017 Cover Contest Finalist
Deeva Evangelista, 2017 Cover Contest Finalist

Our third place 2017 Creative Outlook Cover Contest winner is “Self Portrait” by 18-year-old Deeva Evangelista from Carpentersville, Ill.

Evangelista, a senior at Harry D. Jacobs High School, has been drawing as a hobby since she was three years old. But freshman year of high school, while working on a project for Art Fundamentals class, she discovered she had the potential to become an artist.

“I created a graphite portrait of Rhianna that I was very proud of,” she said. “I couldn’t believe I was capable of creating something impressive. It motivated me to keep drawing, experimenting with other mediums and pushing my creative boundaries.”

While it’s not easy for Evangelista to put her finger on what draws her to art, she does know that she loves getting lost in a project, losing track of time while focusing on a piece’s intricate details.

“The most rewarding feeling is stepping back after finishing a piece and seeing the end-results,” she said. “Whether it’s a person stopping to look at your artwork or winning an award, it makes me the happiest person in the world knowing I created something worthwhile.”

Evangelista hopes to attend the University of Illinois at Chicago or the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.


How would you describe “Self Potrait” if it were in a museum and you were giving the museum tour to a group of patrons?

I think my piece demonstrates contrast not only through vivid colors but with how the subject is portrayed. She is in the middle, bringing the audience’s attention, but she is avoiding eye contact. She is shying away from attention or is oblivious to how much she stands out.

What would you say to other students who are interested in art but haven’t given it a try?

Anyone who is interested in art should definitely give it a try. I think the beauty of art is that there are no wrong answers and there are so many forms of art. Whether you are a photographer, musician, or dancer, you are still expressing a form of art.

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