Alumni Profile: Shweta Patel, Wentworth Institute of Technology

By Kristen L. Walsh

It may seem out of place for a self-described “people person” to major in computer engineering and technology. But for Shweta Patel ’04, it makes total sense. It’s her unique ability to translate tech talk into marketing strategies for clients that has carved a niche in project management.

“The way marketers utilize information is an art form,” she says of analyzing data to better serve customers and market products. “My job starts when a customer identifies different pieces of information and evolves into recommendations for clients. It’s an amazing cycle.”

Patel specifically manages how customer information is securely entered in a database that will be used by a client to target marketing initiatives. As senior account manager at Oracle, Patel helps clients manage lifecycle campaigns to look at how a customer database is behaving and provide strategic recommendations on ways to develop effective, engaging online content. Her previous post at Clarisonic included customer-relationship management for L’Oreal to segment consumer groups for tailored marketing programs.

She traces her career path back to Wentworth. “In the classroom, I learned how to strategically analyze and dissect data and come up with a solution. In the labs, I built communication skills writing reports on data and findings.”

Call it an amalgamation of left brain-right brain. Patel is a master mind at developing ways to use technical data to bring a product or program to the next level.

“I may not be the person who is coding and putting together servers, but I do play a role in developing solutions and presenting them to the client,” she says. “I need to be more engaged with people, and I find myself being more productive that way.”

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