The response to this years #CreativeCover Contest has been amazing… 466 entries (already more than last year), 7510 total votes and hundreds of positive comments from users on submissions. We are so happy to give student artists the opportunity to showcase their art. Please, please, please take a few minutes to click through some of this years entries and vote for your favorites.

flight  s entanglement by ychen183 d4xh065 #CreativeCover

“Flight’s Entanglement” by Ying Chen

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About Joe Hagen

Hello, my name is Joe, and I work in a button factory... Actually I work for MyMajors.com as a web designer, email marketer and social media manager. I design and build a lot of the stuff that you see on the site, so if you have some cool ideas, send them my way joeh@mymajors.com!
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